Phil's Pen Pal Program

Phil's Pen Pal Program provides instructors (i.e. teachers, related service providers, or group leaders, etc.) with an opportunity to engage their students in an interactive lesson promoting literacy, writing, and communication skills. After reading the book, Phil Fly's First Flight, students will have the opportunity to write a letter to the author, Gabriell Lucchese-Hood or the main character, Phil Fly.

  • Students can provide feedback, ask questions, or draw their own illustrations. After receiving the letter, a response letter will be sent to the classroom as a whole and each student will receive a customized individual letter in return. Instructors will also receive a downloadable print-out to send to parents with a description of the class project and a discount code for parents to purchase their own signed copy of the book if they are interested in doing so.
  • If you already own a copy of Phil Fly's First Flight, there is no purchase necessary to sign up for this program. If you would like to submit an order to purchase Phil Fly's First Flight, you will have that option as you fill out the sign up form. Both paperback and hardcover versions are available to instructors at a discounted rate.
Click the link below to sign up: